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sheep fur coats

Women like to be stylish no matter what the weather is like. Fashion is a statement, so be it cold, hot, foggy or rainy, it’s highly important for women to look good at any given time.

This is why a lot of women dress in accordance with the constantly changing fashion trends. So in order to be of help for you ladies, here are a few suggestions regarding what pieces of clothing are considered fashionable this winter:

  • Sheep fur coats. Fur coats are trendy this year! They are perfect for winter time, when it’s freezing cold and you still want to look ravishing! If you have to choose between types of fur, make sure you go for the sheep fur! It’s extremely warm and practicable while being fashionable (in Romania, you will find the best sheep breeds for wool, at Don’t forget to buy only those coats that are manufactured from the fleece of fluffy sheep breeds. They look more real and are considerably more warm and comfortable.

sheep fur coats

  • Oversized sweaters. The relaxed look is very popular these days. This is why you always see women on the street dressed in clothes that are 3 sizes bigger than their bodies. The oversized sweater it’s a must-have this winter! You can accessorise with a felt hat and a pair of old-school boots in order to obtain a cool outfit.

  • Leather pants. If you’re looking for a badass outfit, make sure that you buy those leather pants that you saw in the store but you were too afraid to purchase. Well, it takes a powerful woman to wear such powerful piece of clothing! Leather skirts are also popular, so if you want to dominate through your physical appearance, this is the road you should take!

leather pants

  • Velvet dresses. For those women who are extremely feminine and dress as dolls: you are in good luck! Velvet dresses are back on track and are considered one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing for this season. Before you rush into the stores in search for a velvet dress, we’d like to suggest that you buy one with floral print, because floral prints are highly appreciated this year.

  • Flared pants. Yes, you guessed well: retro clothes are trendy again! Modern fashion likes to “borrow” influences from the 70s and 80s, so wearing old clothes is not a sign of poor taste, but it’s actually a sign of fashion sense. Flared pants are a good example. Even though this type of pants was fashionable a few decades ago, these days’ trends have been recycling some features and reinventing them so that to obtain a mixed type of fashion, which merges old trends with new ones.

retro style

  • These are just right for creative women because they are very “playful” and if you are thinking of wearing a poncho, you need to know how to accessorise so that you won’t look like a total fool! It’s best if you wear a pair of skinny jeans to go with the large poncho, a pair of boots and even a hat. Don’t you even think of wearing a coat on top of that poncho! This piece of clothing is designed in order to act like a jacket, so it would be completely stupid to wear a jacket as well, considering that you already have the poncho on you.

Try to follow the fashion trends and to keep up with them as well as you can, but don’t overdo it! If you dress too “trendy”, your outfits will just turn into kitsch! Keep in mind that moderation is the key to success.

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