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What are the Megalithic Temples of Malta?7 megalithic temples are found on Malta and Gozoislands, each one, the result of an individual progress . The two Ggantija temples on the island of Gozo are remarkable for their gigantic Bronze Age construction .

On the Malta island, the temples of Hagar Qim , Tarxien and Mnajdra are architecturaly unique masterpieces , gave the restricted resources available to the builders . Ta’Hagrat and Skorba complexes show how was to build temples in Malta traditionally.

Monuments that make up the World Heritage site is the most characteristic examples of structures and represents a major development in the cultural and artistic and technological fields . Professor Lord Renfrew (University of Cambridge ), one of the most important prehistoric today , described the group of megalithic temples on the islands of Malta and Gozo as ” the oldest standing monuments in the world.” They are also remarkable for their diversity of form and decoration. Each of these complexes is the result of individual developments , which differ greatly and joint plan , also the construction techniques from Ggantija and to each other side. Read on »

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