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FBI confirms: “We’ve been visited by beings from other dimensions!”It’s surprising that the FBI has shown an interest in the study of UFO phenomena? It’s possible that SF movies are actually based on real events or better said “leaks” granted by the government in order to deliberately raise awareness among the population?

In 2011, after some documents were “declassified”, a report written by a special agent of the FBI in 1947, reached the public. The FBI special agent, a lieutenant colonel whose identity remains anonymous (national security), gather numerous data on UFOs after interviewing and studying the phenomenon for years.

According to “declassified” reports and documents, we’ve been visited by numerous alien species, some of which are not only from other planets, but also from other dimensions. Some of these beings originate from a ethereal pan coexistent with our physical universe. These “entities”, that could “materialize” on our planet, have the appearance of giant translucent figures. Read on »

Tips To Pack Your Vacation Bags Packing the right items for your vacation trip is very important for the full enjoyment of your trip, but it does take some serious thought and planning.

You do not want your bags to be heavier than necessary, but on the other hand, it is very inconvenient if you do not have everything you need. This article provides some important tips to help you pack efficiently.

Think about the activities you will be involved in while you are traveling. If you are going to a tropical island, you will need warm weather clothes, beachwear and sandals. If your vacation involves hiking or horseback riding, you will need tough outdoor clothing and proper footwear. Read on »

What are the best London museums for kids?Do you want to spend a nice holiday in London with your kids? After you get to your hotel room with cheap London airport transfer, you can decide which attraction to visit first. It is difficult to choose, because all of them have a special charm, but you can go to one of the best London museums for kids. The little ones will be curious to know more about London and its history.

A good place to visit is HMS Belfast, which is a ship with nine decks with an impressive history. Do you want to teach children the value of money? You can do it in a fun way, by visiting the Bank of England Museum. Your children can see here gold bars that dates from the ancient time and hear interesting stories about the Bank’s ghostly nun.

One of the best museums in London you can visit with your children is the British Museum. It offers you the possibility to see object from prehistoric times to the modern days. Kids can be easily entertained at the Digital Discovery Centre, but there are free events for kids of all ages that your children could enjoy. Read on »

Improve the quality of your website easilyHaving your own website is a must if you wish to become successful in today’s world. As long as there is a place where potential customers from all over the globe can find you and your services, chances are that your profit will increase considerably.

In this case, the content of your website is just as important as its design, which is why you need to be careful with these aspects. A design like the one page WordPress theme is helpful due to its simplicity and modern elements.

Firstly, your visitors should be able to navigate on your website quickly and easily. Having this theme will allow them to go from one section of the site to another without wasting time while searching through the content. This way, you can display essential information such as contact info or a short introduction of yourself right at the top of the page – and it will stay there even while the visitors keep scrolling. Read on »