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Secret city beneath SarmisegetusaIn the early 90s, Gradistei basement area was scanned by a Russian satellite. What was discovered there remains a great mystery, because officially were not released any results. Unofficially, it was said that the Russians had discovered unknown ancient and prehistoric sites in the area.

It is known, however, that was compile a file of these findings, at the Ministry of Public Works and Planning and the Ministry of Culture then , that they decided to carry out some researches. Was a shocking conclusion: the fortifications of the Gradistea area were not only cities arranged on mountain peaks from surrounding , but a huge complex of 200 km square, very compact, which included a military place, one mountain civilian with multiple cores.

Basically, the mountains had been cut and terrace, then arrange in the incredible ensemble. Moreover, on an area of two square kilometers, at a depth of 8 meters, it is a underground place. By 2001, Vasile Dragomir, retired major general who had been part of the research team, told a central newspaper that the Vartoape area had been detected in an area of 4 square kilometers, 75 conical holes of different sizes, and rectangular enclosures, modified by man, which communicate between themselves, but also the plateau above through ancient roads. Read on »

Is a flexo printers list an expenditure or an investment?From well-established companies databases to a range of specialised producs such as a flexo printing list, offers a unique package of solutions for anybody in the printing business. But why a flexo printing list and for what purpose should we invest in it?

This question is very common among people interested in databases and lists of companies. And they, as well as you are probably wondering whether to invest in this list. Instead of subjective arguments, they should be asked  one question, how many customers would  they get out of the active companies listed, in order to cover an investment of let’s say a few hundred euros?

The list of flexo printers, (which you can find here: is a professional tool that helps in increasing the number of contacts with companies. This list contains all kind of companies, their details and tools that allow targeting, sorting and using them in statistics and direct marketing campaigns. Read on »

What is the best binding equipment?When talking about a business of any type, we all know that we have to do a lot of sacrifices in order to keep it on the good way.

That means that even in the printing area there is the need to invest in something that can ensure your success and your well deserved profit. For that the specialist are guiding us to look for the best MBO equipment or Heidelberg or any other big name on the printing machine market.

A lot of people may or may not heard about the MBO equipment, but we know for a fact that beyond all things that can bring you a lot of advantages the use of these tools is absolutely necessary . Read on »

Do you want to sell your business for more than it is worth? Do you want to sell your business? According to a study, most of the people who want to sell their business can’t get a good price. If you have a business for sale, try to choose the proper moment for selling. Probably it sounds strange, but it is true.

It is useful to wait until something bad has happened, because the value of your business will decrease instead of increasing. This way, you risk to sale for less than it is worth and you surely do not want that to happen.

The best time to sell your business is when your business is going well and you have strong sales. Before selling, make sure your customers are familiar with your brand and that they prefer your products and services. Once you build up a good reputation, it is easier to get the best price for your company. Read on »