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Find a good property for renovation

When you buy a home you will see many properties and some of them will have a very good price but they will require complex renovation operations.

You can also find on the market a maison en bois eco kit, a very good quality home wich best suits the needs of your family. You might want to find a renovation project but for this you have to explore old neighbourhoods and spot the perfect building for you. Read on »

Spend your summer in LondonAre you looking for the idyllic location to spend your summer break? Look no further, because the place you need to visit is London.

If you have already been there, you know that it was worth your while, and if you haven’t, then you know that it’s a must, no questions asked. If you go on view site, you will be assured that this is a trip you must make.

During every season it is a spectacular city, as every time of the year has its charm. Summertime is a very special time, perfect for anyone looking to spend their time off in a relaxing and interesting place.

This season is the time of concerts and festivals, as well as for the great tennis tournament at Wimbledon. There are so many things going on during this time that it’s almost impossible to do everything you would like to. Read on »

The project Mars-One - the first human colony on Mars

The project Mars-One involves the colonization of Mars in 10 years. Even if the project brings to mind a science fiction movie, is quite real, and already more than 200,000 volunteers have joined the list; only 24 will be chosen to go in 2024.

Most people would not bear a life without friends and family, because it’s a new and harsh environment. However, for some, the travel and life on Mars would be the fulfillment of a dream of a lifetime. The project will provide a unique opportunity for those who dream as the old explorers did. Read on »

Everything you should know about slow cosmeticsMaybe you heard something about slow cosmetics until now – people interested in living a better life, a healthier and a greener one have heard about it, for sure. This article will show you what are these slow cosmetics and what benefits you gain by using them.

Every woman uses cosmetics, either makeup or body care products. Most of them are filled with chemicals: preservatives, dyes, artificial fragrances and so on. We all know that but we still use them.

Did you know that 60% of the substances we apply on our skin get inside our body and, of course, affect our organism? The statistics are harsh, and if you are eager to discover the damage each of these substances creates, you would never use them again. Read on »