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International Schools In France

Whether it’s preschool, elementary school, or high school, Paris, France is a wonderful place for education. Most international schools in Paris are language schools that specialize in educating an array of different nationalities and identities.

These schools offer more of a diverse language-based learning environment than the typical public school system in Paris. Some of these schools claim to have over 50 different nationalities and languages that they represent, with French, English (American), Japanese, and Korean being the most common. Read on »

Bilingual International School Paris

BISP (Bilingual International School Paris) is a privately owned school offering both early years and Primary education in the heart of Paris.

The school takes full advantage of the unique culture, heritage and history on offer in Paris, with a wealth of extra-curricular activities available to enrich your child’s learning experience. High standards and constant support will allow your child to benefit fully from an immersive, bilingual environment, allowing them to prepare for the future in an increasingly globalized work market. Read on »

Find a good property for renovation

When you buy a home you will see many properties and some of them will have a very good price but they will require complex renovation operations.

You can also find on the market a maison en bois eco kit, a very good quality home wich best suits the needs of your family. You might want to find a renovation project but for this you have to explore old neighbourhoods and spot the perfect building for you. Read on »

The project Mars-One - the first human colony on Mars

The project Mars-One involves the colonization of Mars in 10 years. Even if the project brings to mind a science fiction movie, is quite real, and already more than 200,000 volunteers have joined the list; only 24 will be chosen to go in 2024.

Most people would not bear a life without friends and family, because it’s a new and harsh environment. However, for some, the travel and life on Mars would be the fulfillment of a dream of a lifetime. The project will provide a unique opportunity for those who dream as the old explorers did. Read on »