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Is a tiny house for everyone

The tiny house movement is a constantly growing trend and we see them more and more, both on the Internet and in our environment.

People choose tiny living for all sorts of reasons. While some find it to be a more affordable and sustainable way of life, others choose to go tiny because of the increased freedom or the simpler, happier life.

If you have thought about building or buying a tiny house to move into full-time or just when traveling, you might have also asked yourself if the tiny lifestyle truly fits you. Are tiny houses really for everyone? Read on »

THE MYSTERY OF THE 1996 PROPHECY OF AMERICAN WRITER DEAN KOONTZ ON THE WUHAN 400 BIOLOGICAL WEAPON VIRUSAn image with a page from a novel by writer Dean Koontz, which contains the phrase “Wuhan-400”, went viral and launched the theory that the appearance of the new Coronavirus had been predicted since 1981.

In Dean Koontz’s 1981 novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness, a page appears referring to a biological weapon, Gorky-400, created in the laboratory and named after the city in Russia where it spread. 15 years later, in the 1996 edition, the name of the virus is replaced by Wuhan-400. Read on »

The Ahnenerbe archives, the secret of the greatest achievements of the NazisThe Ahnenerbe archives hide many secrets. They are unavailable to the public today and are considered to conceal the greatest achievements of the Nazis. Why these documents were never released to the public? What kind of secrets do they hide? These are just some of the questions we’ll try to answer.

The Ahnenerbe archives and the secret society

The Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage or Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft des Ahnenerbe was founded in July 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Wirth (a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantean mythology) and Richard Walter DarrĂ© (creator of Nazi “blood and soil”). Read on »

The Stargate project. What did the Americans see on Mars?
In 1995, a document related to the Stargate project was revealed. The project belonged to the US Army and was carried out under the supervision of the CIA. The document presents some information on the realization of holograms capable of traveling in time and space. According to the document, human consciousness is an overlap of energy plans that form a hologram and can travel in time and space.

In 1972, the Pentagon launched the Stargate project, whose aim involved remote viewing, the ability to see events, things, people from a great distance.

There are 89,000 document pages and over 12,000 files related to the research. Since the results were remarkable, the major US spy agencies were involved in this project. Read on »