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Dark matter - the hidden part of the Universe

Dark matter or black matter, sometimes called transparent matter, is one of the greatest mysteries for today’s science, a concept advanced by astrophysicists, a concept that denotes a hypothetical type of matter and which is supposed to represent the bulk of matter existing in the Universe.

More specifically, research over time led to the unanimously accepted conclusion that visible matter in the Universe represents about 4%, while 96% of what Universe represents is impossible to perceive, it’s dark matter and energy. As dark matter doesn’t absorb nor emit light or electromagnetic radiation, it can’t be seen with the naked eye or telescopes. Read on »

Where can we find planets that may host life?
Life is perhaps the biggest mystery in the Universe: how life was born and how widespread is it in the Universe? Are threre any other inhabited planets in our galaxy? Currently, we don’t know; many researchers are convinced there are many other planets hosting life.

On the other side, others are convinced that life is rare and we may even be the sole inhabitants of this universe! Meanwhile, the astronomers are seeking Earth-like planets. But what criteria should be met for a planet to host life?
We, the humans, have discovered the structure of atoms; moreover, we have discovered tiny particles, such as neutrinos, which are haunting within the universe, ranging from one type of neutrino into another. Read on »