Jun 16

Why to download and why not to download free WordPress themes?

Why to download and why not to download free WordPress themes?
Every free item it’s a good item. This is a usual way of thinking. When it comes to our website or to our business, we must analyze every detail and discover if a free item is a good choice.

The internet is a great source of free bootstrap WordPress themes and, în generaly, of plugins and addons for wordpress. How good is a free wordpress theme, though?

We will try to find the pros and the cons of a free solution:


Obviously, the best pro is the fact that free worpress themes are…free. You don’t need to spend money and this is a great advantage.

The free wordpress themes are, usually, conveniently located in your wordpress admin. You can install them with only a click. There are lots of other places where you can find free themes, but the ones from admin are the most secure.

Another advantage is the fact that free wordpress themes are compatible with more interesting plugins that premium themes are. In wordpress shop, every theme should be approved and should respect some standards. That’s whu. , most of plugins can be installed on a wordpress theme that can be installed for free.

The last advantage is the fact that a free worpress theme is simply to use. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.


Unfortunatly, there are some disavantages of free wordpress themes, also. Usually, they don’t come with support. So, if you have a problem, the only way you could solve it is by searching on your own or by paying another person to solve it for you.

The updates are not as often as they are on a premium theme. This might be a problem, because all the things evolve quickly and you will probably want to move with the trend.

Security is another disadvantage. Free wordpress themes are much more likely to be vulnerable to viruses and mallware. Some of them can carry the mallware all the way, from the begining.

That’s why, when you decide to download a free wordpress theme, you should follow a guidline and some rules.

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