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Strengthen Customer Confidence With Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Strengthen Customer Confidence With Your Mobile Marketing CampaignsHopefully at this stage of the game you have a sound foundation of consumers who follow your blogs and website and have signed up for more information. Unfortunately mobile marketing is still new to many and they are slightly untrusting of receiving this form of marketing.

If they believe in you on your web based presence, you can easily reassure them when it comes to your form of mobile marketing by following the suggestions given in this article. If you are interested in learning more, please continue reading as this will certainly open a new avenue of revenue generation.

Providing coupons to regular customers who allow you to send mobile messages is a great way to ensure that you build a loyal following. Remember that people are only concerned about protecting their information but if there is something in it for them, they will often go along for the ride. You could also do something similar for referrals which in turn also adds to your reliable list of contacts. This is far cheaper than purchasing data that is cold and hoping you win the numbers game.

Another way to keep people coming back for more is to reward them for frequent purchases. You could actually use mobile marketing as a call to action stating that due to their loyalty if they order within the next 24 hours they will receive ABC or 123.

The key is to make sure they feel a personal relationship with you. Don’t send out a message asking if they need flowers at a low cost. It simply is going to be deleted because it is similar to a spammy email and very generic. You could even add first names to the messages to take it one step further.

Always respect their privacy and let them know you will not sell or share their information with anyone and follow through on that promise. Selling their information for a few cents per data set is nowhere near how much you would get from them as a loyal consumer that purchases frequently. It is real easy to find out who sells data these days and it’s not worth it financially to pull a fast one for a few cents per name.

Always ask for feedback. This can be anything from when they would think appropriate times to message would be or what they would like to see offered in the future. Use this as a way to establish a strong bond and relationship with your customers as they now believe they matter more than a sale and are more a part of your businesses success.

Finally, always show appreciation to your consumers for all they have done to help your company grow. You send them special offers so why not a sincere thank you after the purchase that is personalized. You won’t be making hundreds of sales a day so it’s not going to take much time to send a quick personable thank you.

This should give you an idea of how to strengthen the customers confidence in you and keep them coming back for more. If they have purchased from you in the past, with a little respect, they will do so again and again as long as they know you consider their needs and thoughts an important part of your success.

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