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Dark matter - the hidden part of the Universe

Dark matter or black matter, sometimes called transparent matter, is one of the greatest mysteries for today’s science, a concept advanced by astrophysicists, a concept that denotes a hypothetical type of matter and which is supposed to represent the bulk of matter existing in the Universe.

More specifically, research over time led to the unanimously accepted conclusion that visible matter in the Universe represents about 4%, while 96% of what Universe represents is impossible to perceive, it’s dark matter and energy. As dark matter doesn’t absorb nor emit light or electromagnetic radiation, it can’t be seen with the naked eye or telescopes. Read on »

Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild's calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves
Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild’s calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves

Black hole devouring a partner star

The universe is a mysterious place. Planets, stars, galaxies – they all have their mysteries, still unexplained by science. But nothing is stranger and more amazing than black holes. They were first “formulated” in a hurried way, without much detail, but Einstein himself did not believe in such things, even though they were predicted by his theories. Many physicists have expressed skepticism about the reality of black holes. Here’s the incredible story behind the discovery of black holes; the incredible story of how the understanding and interpretation of black holes improved and how black holes affect the fundamental structure of the universe. Read on »

Ku Klux Klan, a macabre social experiment
In December 1865, eight months after the surrender of the South, six young people in the Pulaski village, near Nashville, Tennessee, decided to banish the boredom by organizing a club. All were veterans of the Confederate Army, and some had followed courses at prestigious colleges where fraternities were often encountered. Imitating ironicaly the name of these fraternities – Beta, Delta or whatever other names they had – decided that their group to be called the Ku Klux Klan.

They met in secret and had established various elaborate ceremonies. The clan members disguised in improvised costumes: a sheet that covered their body, fanciful masks to hide their face and a kind of sharp hat that increased their stature. Their leaders were known as the Grand Cyclops. Read on »

Death with scythe. Personifications of death in human culture
Anyone is familiar with the image of the death with a scythe, one of the most common representations over time. A figure in a hooded black robe, carrying a scythe, who comes to the dying person to announce its end. Personification of death are diverse, depending on the era, the way in which people represented what happens after death.

Why is death personified?

For a human today, death is a natural phenomenon and while not desirable, is fully explainable. Anyone has a fear of the end, but the reason makes that today we see the death as an event, not as a being. Only children represents the death as a character, a being that comes and causes the end of life of a human. However, the representations of death as a character are not gone – they continue to live through painting, literature, filmography. Read on »