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The Stargate project. What did the Americans see on Mars?
In 1995, a document related to the Stargate project was revealed. The project belonged to the US Army and was carried out under the supervision of the CIA. The document presents some information on the realization of holograms capable of traveling in time and space. According to the document, human consciousness is an overlap of energy plans that form a hologram and can travel in time and space.

In 1972, the Pentagon launched the Stargate project, whose aim involved remote viewing, the ability to see events, things, people from a great distance.

There are 89,000 document pages and over 12,000 files related to the research. Since the results were remarkable, the major US spy agencies were involved in this project. Read on »

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the secret message of the Pharaohs

The Great Pyramid is considered one of the greatest wonders of the Ancient World. This pyramid has always given rise to a lot of speculation and controversy. The reason? The multitude of impressive things that make this construction a genuine mystery of ancient times. Read on »

Dark matter - the hidden part of the Universe

Dark matter or black matter, sometimes called transparent matter, is one of the greatest mysteries for today’s science, a concept advanced by astrophysicists, a concept that denotes a hypothetical type of matter and which is supposed to represent the bulk of matter existing in the Universe.

More specifically, research over time led to the unanimously accepted conclusion that visible matter in the Universe represents about 4%, while 96% of what Universe represents is impossible to perceive, it’s dark matter and energy. As dark matter doesn’t absorb nor emit light or electromagnetic radiation, it can’t be seen with the naked eye or telescopes. Read on »

Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild's calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves
Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild’s calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves

Black hole devouring a partner star

The universe is a mysterious place. Planets, stars, galaxies – they all have their mysteries, still unexplained by science. But nothing is stranger and more amazing than black holes. They were first “formulated” in a hurried way, without much detail, but Einstein himself did not believe in such things, even though they were predicted by his theories. Many physicists have expressed skepticism about the reality of black holes. Here’s the incredible story behind the discovery of black holes; the incredible story of how the understanding and interpretation of black holes improved and how black holes affect the fundamental structure of the universe. Read on »