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The Stargate project. What did the Americans see on Mars?

The Stargate project. What did the Americans see on Mars?
In 1995, a document related to the Stargate project was revealed. The project belonged to the US Army and was carried out under the supervision of the CIA. The document presents some information on the realization of holograms capable of traveling in time and space. According to the document, human consciousness is an overlap of energy plans that form a hologram and can travel in time and space.

In 1972, the Pentagon launched the Stargate project, whose aim involved remote viewing, the ability to see events, things, people from a great distance.

There are 89,000 document pages and over 12,000 files related to the research. Since the results were remarkable, the major US spy agencies were involved in this project.

Remote visions refer to the use of mental power for psychic espionage. Extrasensory perceptions are used to access information that is not usually available.

Body dissociation

Between 1970-1980, the US Army conducted experiments on body dissociation and astral projection. The experiments were conducted with the help of specialists from the Monroe Institute who used the method of synchronizing the waves in the left and right hemisphere of the human brain with the help of sound recordings.

The experiment was conducted with 251 subjects selected from the US military. Only 35 of them had the psychic and intelligence qualities needed to continue tests and experiments.

The document reveales information on hypnosis or trance states in which subjects had remote visions. Some have managed to travel astrally in time, in the time of Christ, others have traveled in space, on Mars and Jupiter.

Astral body used for remote vision

In many religions of the world, the initiates and spiritual masters consider that the astral body is intermediate between the physical body and the spiritual consciousness of a person. The astral plane is near every planet, invisible to any detection device. The astral plane is a dimension where spirituality reaches unexpected levels.

In the first half of the 19th century, the Mesmerists mentioned cases of traveling clairvoyance. An individual under hypnosis managed to visit another location or city. The followers of this current claimed that through astral travel they were able to visit their deceased relatives or participate in events that took place in the past of mankind.

In 1954, researcher Hornell Hart published a study on astral travel, which he divided into accidental and induced travel. The spearhead of this phenomenon occurred in 1971, with the publication of the book „Journeys Out of the Body”. Robert Monroe is the author of the book and the subject of several astral journeys.

Monroe accurately described how the consciousness leaves the body. Decorporalization was performed from the feet to the head. The connection between the physical body and the astral body was made by the silver cord. If the silver cord is broken, consciousness does not return to the body, and the spirit is being stuck between two worlds.

What did the Americans see on Mars?

As the project was an interesting one, the CIA suggested the Pentagon to study the planet Mars. According to declassified documents, on May 22, 1988, the CIA contacted a famous medium.

After several sessions, the medium said that next to a Martian crevice there is a yellow pyramid and indicated the coordinates. Near the pyramid, the medium also identified a huge construction with a glossy surface that resembled an obelisk. The interior of the obelisk was empty. It seemed to be a place for hibernation.

At that time, many Pentagon researchers considered that the medium was hallucinating. They were about to change their minds 10 years later, when the Curiosity rover was studying Martian soil, and the captured photos had more pyramid-like structures.

In 1995, the project is fully taken over by the CIA, which calls on the American Research Institute. The specialists from the Stargate project were asked by the Russians to look for a plane that had crashed in the jungle in Zair. President Jimmy Carter said that a medium inside the project located the wreck of the plane in the jungle.

Paul Smith, the author of a book on the Stargate project, described the moment. Medium Rosemary Smith was contacted, he was given the map of Africa. She was asked to find the Soviet bomber TU 22.

She was able to locate the wreck with an accuracy of 400 meters. Ingo Swann was one of the people with medium abilities who investigated the Moon from a distance.

He stated that the Moon is not a dead star and NASA specialists stopped the Apollo project because they were not welcome on the Moon. Swann was the first, long before scientists, to discover that the planet Jupiter has a ring.

Wormholes to send messages

People have nothing to do on the Moon

In 1973, a scandal broke out, which was subsequently masked by the authorities. The CIA used clairvoyants in espionage missions to other US agencies with the same profile. Gus Russo, an American investigative journalist claims that this project is still ongoing, despite the official announcement that it has been discontinued.

Ingo Swann has been a teacher for ten years in this project. He taught the American military lessons about the remote vision phenomenon. He coached a team in this regard, and the results were remarkable.

In his book, „Penetration”, published in 1998, Swann was among the first people to say that the Apollo project was abruptly stopped because people were not welcome on the Moon. He based these statements on the incursions he had on the Moon, as a result of the remote vision phenomenon.

He also said that the unseen face of the Moon hides an extraterrestrial civilization. If these statements were considered unreal, after 2000, some evidence insupport of these assertion were found.

In his famous book he spoke about the lights he saw on the Moon. A short time ago, NASA specialists recognized that strange lights were photographed on the Moon for an area of 20 kilometers.

According to Swann’s statements, the aliens on the moon are gray, small in size and own an extraordinary technology, based on which they have built military bases and pyramids.

The Stargate project was completed in 1995 with the following conclusion:

The foregoing observations provide a compelling argument against continuation of the program within the intelligence community. Even though a statistically significant effect has been observed in the laboratory, it remains unclear whether the existence of a paranormal phenomenon, remote viewing, has been demonstrated. The laboratory studies do not provide evidence regarding the origins or nature of the phenomenon, assuming it exists.”

40 subjects with special extrasensory abilities were involved. Some of these people had the ability to see Soviet submarines at a distance. Other people have located the most secretive nuclear bases in the USSR.

In 1993, the military was also involved in this project. Following this step, a department called PSI TECH was established. Officially, the Americans became aware of this project, in 1995, when it was completed.

Wormholes to send messages

The Stargate project will allow people to send messages in the past or even in the future. The messages will take the form of light pulses, transmitted through the wormholes.

According to the theory of relativity, wormholes are tunnels that connect two distinct points in the space-time relationship. Scientists want to develop a method for these holes to be used in the near future. They will try to send messages in different eras, so that later in time the journey becomes possible.

Albert Einstein pointed out that there is a big problem with these wormholes: they are extremely unstable and they are not stay for too long. In 1988, Kip Thorne from the California Institute of Technology demonstrated to the world that wormholes can be kept open for an indefinite period by using the negative energy, also called Casimir.

Even if this theory is true, no one can prove it in reality because it is almost impossible for humanity to generate this kind of energy in a wormhole. However, Luca Butcher from the University of Cambridge suggests that Casimir energy is actually produced in the middle of the black hole, but it is not strong enough to keep it open for more than a fraction of a second.

Even under these conditions, specialists believe it is possible that a bright flash can be transmitted in a past or future plane. This would be the first message that humanity might transmit through a wormhole.

The idea of the project continues and it is believed that, with the discovery of the method of inducing more Casimir energy in a wormhole, we will be able to control it and then we can say that we will enter the era of time travel.

The Stargate project seems detached from science-fiction books, but nonetheless, it is quite achievable. On the other hand, if these light messages are to be transmitted in the past, who will be able to decipher and understand them?

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