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Madrid’s iconic tourist attractions

Madrid's iconic tourist attractions
The capital of Spain is a wonderful place where tourists have the opportunity to see some exceptional places, emblematic places that tell a story that is worth seeing by as many people as possible. A short weekend getaway is a great time to visit some of the most beautiful attractions here. Although this beautiful city is in the shadow of Barcelona, you will certainly not get bored once you reach these lands.

From historic buildings to story-filled boulevards to chic restaurants and parks of rare beauty, all this will make you want to return to Madrid at the first opportunity. If a city break in the beautiful Spanish city has been on your list for some time, the following attractions could inspire you in your next vacation.

Museo del Prado

A paradise for art lovers in Europe, this museum houses over 5,000 paintings. Many would say that this impressive collection directly rivals Louvre, the famous Parisian museum. The works fall between the 14th and 19th centuries. The beautiful gallery arouses the curiosity of visitors and gives them the chance to see with their own eyes masterpieces made by El Greco, Francisco Goya and Velasquez. In addition, here is one of the most important and beautiful collections of Flemish art in the world.

The grandeur of the Museo del Prado and the impressive number of paintings in the collection result from the fact that it can be difficult for a simple visitor to see every corner in one day. However, using an audio guide, those interested will be introduced to the 50 most important masterpieces.

Gran Via

Any weekend getaway, especially in such a beautiful city, involves small shopping stops. Whether it’s a serious shopping session or a little shopping trip, Gran Via is an unmissable attraction. Madrid’s most famous boulevard is surrounded by imposing buildings, a smaller version of New York’s Broadway Boulevard.

Here you will find restaurants, cinemas, theaters, shops and hotels. The good part is that Gran Via is lively at all times, so there’s no boredom. A short visit on this boulevard offers the ordinary visitor the chance to dream to imagine themselves a the protagonists of an exceptional film. So, whether it’s nightlife or small souvenirs, a little walk on Little Broadway should be on the list.

Casino de Madrid

The beautiful building will enchant you from the entrance while the imposing lobby can be appreciated even from outside. Casino de Madrid was built in 1905 and highlights a remarkable combination of French trends combined with the Baroque style. The reception area is very spacious, considering that this casino was built with the purpose of being a social club. On the other hand, the staircase is one of the most beautiful in Madrid, a construction that is rarely found in the world.

When you visit such a place it is impossible not to think about the variety of casino games that people play here. However, you currently have access to such online games directly from your phone. Whether you like classic games like Texas Hold’em Poker or prefer slots, your mobile phone is useful for this because it gives you the opportunity to play online poker wherever you are.

Palacio Real

Palacio Real

The Royal Palace in Madrid resembles the version of the Versailles Palace in France, being one of the last monarchies in Europe. The style is neoclassical and the architecture of the palace is simple but elegant, built by order of King Philip V. An interesting thing to note is that the facade was made based on sketches by Bernini who originally designed them for the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Although this is not the official residence of the Royal House, the Zarzuela Palace is the place where the King of Spain lives, official banquets and state ceremonies often take place here. The national symbol has 3000 rooms and is a solid stone and brick construction that cannot be destroyed by fire. The interior is just as imposing, and art lovers will be able to admire 16th-century paintings by personalities such as Velazquez, Goya Rubens and Caravaggio.

Royal Botanical Garden

Nothing compares to a relaxing walk at the end of a busy day visiting museums, art galleries, restaurants and important heritage buildings. Nature enthusiasts will have something to admire here. Among the most important attractions are the greenhouses, pavilions, the garden with herbs for the kitchen and the section with orchids.

Also here are some unique species, such as the Tisza tree, which was used in the past to build arches. It seems that the healing power of this tree has recently been discovered. Also, a visit on the Road of Statues reveals statues of the most important botanists of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Plaza Mayor

Any visit to Madrid must also include a visit to this market. Elegance and simplicity are the defining words of this place. Here you will find various musical activities, cultural events, sports and a lot of tourists. Also, during the winter, a Christmas fair is organized here where you can buy Spanish-inspired sweets and souvenirs.

Plaza Mayor was founded during the reign of Philip III, in the 16th century. At that time, the square was considered as a meeting place for the personalities of the time, being also the place where the saints were canonized. Also in this place there were fights with bulls, knightly tours and theater performances. This type of event is currently banned, but a delicious dinner at one of the seafood restaurants or a paella is welcome at any time.

These are just some of the most beautiful tourist attractions Madrid has to offer. A visit of a few days is not enough to go through all the objectives, but it is a good way to know more about Spanish culture, to taste new dishes and to see places of a rare beauty.

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