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Pack Your Bags, Gents! The Prague Stag Do Awaits You

Pack Your Bags, Gents! The Prague Stag Do Awaits You
What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear about Prague? Is it the breath-taking architecture? The beautiful women? The low costs? Or their world-famous beer?

Wait! Don’t answer now!

First, listen at what I’m about to say to you.

Although Prague is one of the finest cities in Europe and definitely popular for tourists, making it the fifth most visited European city, maybe it never crossed your mind to visit it. Don’t worry, now you have the occasion to make it in great style, because Prague is the best stag do destination you could ever dream of.

I can sense you’re not convinced.

That it takes more to really persuade you to spend your stag do in Prague.

Well, let’s get the big guns, because you and your lads are in for the most marvellous adventures of your life. All in Prague!

So…You’re Getting Married? Celebrate Your Last Bachelor Days in a Wild Stag Do in Prague!

You made the step. You popped the question to the woman of your dreams, she said yes and your bachelor days are numbered. All the more reason to party alongside your lads.

But here’s the catch: why throw a lazy party with the usual pint-drinking, sports-watching and dirty-talking, when you can push the limits and live a real adventure in a city you have never visited before, or at least not with our best friends?

That’s why Prague is perfect. It’s relatively near, right next to Germany, it’s in The Czech Republic so it’s cheaper than the western countries and it has all the right elements for you to enjoy, no matter how do you like your slice of fun.
–    Are you an architecture buff? You can find here the Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic, Rococo, Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, Cubist and Neo-Classical styles, mixed in a perfect vintage-nouveau architectural experience
–    Is beer your liquid soulmate? You’re in for a treat. Prague has a millennial tradition of producing high-quality beer. Ever heard of Budweiser? Yes, it’s Czech! You might also have heard about Staropramen, Krusovice, Pilsner Urquell, Pivovar or Branik. And many, many others. You will have the chance to taste them as you please with your mates
–    Worried about food? Well…don’t be! You shall taste the best Prague has to offer, from the world famous Guláš to many hearty dishes like Koprová (beef), Pe?ená kachna (roast duck) or Vep?o knedlo zelo (roast pork). Aside from beer, you can also try the local slivovitz or choose from a wide range of delicious wines. Prepare your taste buds, because this trip will be an adventure for them too.

But a trip to Prague should be something more than eating, drinking and visiting. You heard something about real adventure. Something to be remembered for decades! Well, for your stag do in Prague, you shall experience some brilliant activities, during both the day and night.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

Experience the Real Adventure in a Prague Stag Do!

First of all, you have to plan ahead the whole trip, especially if you are on a budget. If you have never been to Prague, you might get lost in the attractions of the city and lose precious time.

There is a way, however, to make this trip worthwhile budget and time-wise.

Your best deal is to contract a team specialized in organizing stag do events and plan the whole trip to Prague ahead. There are plenty companies which can help you to organize this special event of your life in Prague and to experience the best activities in this city without worries and without wondering what to do once you get in the city.
Let’s see the Prague top stag activities you might want to experience:
–    Real Gun Shooting – Get ready to lock and load, because you and your friends have a special mission!
–    Karting – Put your driving skill to the test and challenge the lads to the race of your life!
–    White Water Rafting – Dare to boost your adrenaline with a real water rafting experience on the Vtlava river in Prague!
–    Tank Ride – Have you ever been near to a real-life tank? Well, now it’s your chance to ride it!
–    Brewery Tours – Sample the best beer that Prague has to offer and enjoy a dream that comes true
–    River Cruise – Feel the breeze like a rich sheikh on the deck of an enormous cruise vessel
–    Booze Nights – A stag do in Prague without a booze night with the lads? Blasphemy!
–    Strip-Clubbing – The first rule of any stag do is: Go strip-clubbing! The second rule? Enjoy every minute of it, because you’re getting married!
–    Casino Nights – Feeling lucky? Hit the casinos during your stag weekend in Prague and you might get back richer than you came

You know what? These are just a taste of the whole stag do in Prague. There are many more activities in store for you and your mates, if you decide to contract a company to organize your stag weekend in Prague.

And I think we’ve got exactly what you need: Eventhuse.

Just visit their website and gaze upon all those beautiful activities that can be done in Prague. You’ll feel the urge to contact them and to book the whole experience for you and your best friends.

The Eventhuse team will tell you everything you need to know about the Prague stag activities and they will have locals trained to be at your disposal in the Czech capital.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and get ready for the best stag do you could possible imagine!

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