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Any Easy Ways to Quit Smoking?

Any Easy Ways to Quit Smoking?Many smokers don’t realize how much harm can come from smoking only a few cigarettes a day.

The only substance that has been proved to have benefic effects for the body is nicotine, but only in small amounts. The bad thing is that it triggers addiction, the main reason why many smokers can’t quit smoking. Just like any other drug that we can get addicted to, nicotine causes withdrawal symptoms.

The standard textbook symptoms for nicotine withdrawal are headache, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, falling heart rate and blood pressure, fatigue, drowsiness, and insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, depression, increased hunger and caloric intake, increased desire for the taste of sweets, and tobacco cravings.

Considering that having any of these withdrawal symptoms is pretty bad in itself, and combining the severity of the symptoms with the seemingly innocent thought of having just one cigarette in order to get rid of the pain, we can understand how hard it can be to quit smoking.

Because it can be pretty hard to quit smoking all of a sudden, having to face the withdrawal symptoms for several months, there are several methods or aids for people that are trying to quit. The basic principle behind all these methods is to fulfill the body’s need for nicotine while slowly lowering the dose of nicotine the body is used to getting until we reach zero.

Even though the principle behind these methods is sound, the reason why some people can’t seem to quit smoking even with the help of these methods is because nothing can compare to smoking a cigarette. We don’t only get addicted to the nicotine, we also get used to the actual process of smoking, and because we can associate this process with pretty much every aspect of our lives we don’t just have to deal with the physical effects of withdrawal but also with aspects of a psychological nature.

The fact and the matter is that as smokers we have associated smoking a cigarette with most of the things we usually do. Because our brains work through association, when we try to quit smoking, even if we’re passed the physical effects of withdrawal, we can still experience the craving for a cigarette.

What we need to do in order to quit smoking is to disassociate the habit of smoking from all the activities in our lives. This can be pretty hard to achieve so we shouldn’t be surprised that we find ourselves doing a certain thing for the first time as a non-smoker, and realizing that we have a big craving for a smoke.

If we want to quit smoking, then we can pick one of the several methods that are available for us. However, we should always remember that it’s very important to get the advice of a doctor before we try anything. From nicotine gum and nicotine pills, all the way to hypnosis and electronic cigarettes, we’re bound to find a way to quit smoking that works for us. We can find out more about this at http://bodygeek.ro/cele-mai-eficiente-metode-de-a-te-lasa-de-fumat .

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