Jul 15

Everything you should know about slow cosmetics

Everything you should know about slow cosmeticsMaybe you heard something about slow cosmetics until now – people interested in living a better life, a healthier and a greener one have heard about it, for sure. This article will show you what are these slow cosmetics and what benefits you gain by using them.

Every woman uses cosmetics, either makeup or body care products. Most of them are filled with chemicals: preservatives, dyes, artificial fragrances and so on. We all know that but we still use them.

Did you know that 60% of the substances we apply on our skin get inside our body and, of course, affect our organism? The statistics are harsh, and if you are eager to discover the damage each of these substances creates, you would never use them again.

What about slow cosmetics?

They are natural, homemade products made out of rich ingredients collected all from nature. They are very different than the conventional products because they have a great amount of active ingredients. They are free of any toxic substance that might hurt the skin and the body and are made out only of natural oils, essential oils and pure plants.

The slow in “slow cosmetics” comes from the process of obtaining them, called slow cold process – a way in which all the natural glycerin, enzymes,  vitamins, aminoacids, antioxidants and skin nutrition substances are preserved in the natural ingredients the cosmetics contain.

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