Jul 16

Best of Both Worlds – Bilingual International School Paris

Bilingual International School Paris

BISP (Bilingual International School Paris) is a privately owned school offering both early years and Primary education in the heart of Paris.

The school takes full advantage of the unique culture, heritage and history on offer in Paris, with a wealth of extra-curricular activities available to enrich your child’s learning experience. High standards and constant support will allow your child to benefit fully from an immersive, bilingual environment, allowing them to prepare for the future in an increasingly globalized work market.

The school building itself is bright, clean and welcoming, and class sizes are small. New students are greeted with a specialized program, designed to help integrate them into the learning environment quickly. There is a focus on developing close relationships, designed to enhance the learning experience and make your child feel at ease.

Regular field trips are organised, with a focus on tying these in to the topics or subjects that are being covered in the classroom. This is designed to ensure that the children have the opportunity to express their new language skills in context and in a useful environment.

Activities and Workshops

Further activities and workshops are constantly on offer, including those in drama, dance, music, art and physical education. Each semester, there is a student Art Show and each week the children have a dance class with a professional dancer.

The program on offer is designed to give your child the confidence to be an active participant in all areas of his or her life, and also the skills required to capitalize on that confidence.

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