May 17

International Schools In France: What It’s All About

International Schools In France

Whether it’s preschool, elementary school, or high school, Paris, France is a wonderful place for education. Most international schools in Paris are language schools that specialize in educating an array of different nationalities and identities.

These schools offer more of a diverse language-based learning environment than the typical public school system in Paris. Some of these schools claim to have over 50 different nationalities and languages that they represent, with French, English (American), Japanese, and Korean being the most common.

These international schools are great for anybody who wishes to harness language and social developments in their child from an early age.

Due to the fact that these international schools teach and encourage the use of one’s own mother tongue as well as French and English, they offer immense opportunities and possibilities that will reap benefits as one’s child ages and matures.

Some of the benefits of having an international school education or an immersion-based education in Paris are:

• Being able to practice French and one’s own language at the same time
• Being able to develop multiple languages from an early age, causing for a greater level of intelligence
• Experiencing and engaging with other ethnicities, nationalities, and faiths
• Making connections between varying concepts and different types of subject matter
• That living and going to school in large urban centres proves to develop many more faculties of awareness than if one were to live and go to school in a rural environment
• International Baccalaureate programs are usually offered in some of these facilities

International Schools In Paris: One’s To Watch

Here is a short list of absolutely fabulous international schools that Paris has to offer:

Bilingual International School of Paris
• International School of Paris
• Marymount International School, Paris
• The American School of Paris
• Kingsworth International School

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