Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild's calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves
Complete history of black holes. From Schwarzschild’s calculations to the discovery of gravitational waves

Black hole devouring a partner star

The universe is a mysterious place. Planets, stars, galaxies – they all have their mysteries, still unexplained by science. But nothing is stranger and more amazing than black holes. They were first “formulated” in a hurried way, without much detail, but Einstein himself did not believe in such things, even though they were predicted by his theories. Many physicists have expressed skepticism about the reality of black holes. Here’s the incredible story behind the discovery of black holes; the incredible story of how the understanding and interpretation of black holes improved and how black holes affect the fundamental structure of the universe. Read on »

How To Launch A Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaign
Using search engine optimization strategies for your website is an excellent way to improve your ranking in search results. Go over this article to learn more about search engine optimization and learn how you can improve your website.

Choose up to five keyword phrases that describe your main topics. Make a list of keywords your visitors are likely to use. You should use a quality visitor counter that will give you more details on the keywords used to find your website. You can also visit Google AdWords to get access to search volumes for different keywords. Update your keywords regularly if trends change. Read on »

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It is generally assumed that women stress way more than men over getting the perfect “beach body” and picking the right clothes to wear at the beach, but that isn’t necessarily true. Men also worry about these things and luckily there are plenty of options for them as well. On, an online shop that sells replica clothes, there are plenty of clothes and accessories for men to wear at the beach. Read on »