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The Montauk Project and time travel

The Montauk Project and time travel
The Montauk Project is part of an alleged series of “famous secrets” of the USA, on governmental experiments conducted in the psychological and even parapsychological warfare. Moreover, the stories, more or less credible, refer to the development of technologies that would allow neither more nor less than… time travel.

Conspiracy theories regarding the Montauk Project have circulated from the early 1980s until now, all referring to the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment”, in the same “series” mentioned at the beginning of this article. In short, the experiment would have led to the “invisibility” of a United States Navy ship, but also to a time travel / jump, from 1943 (the date of the experiment) to 1983…

Time projection experiments were conducted within the Montauk Project, whereof two of subjects and survivors (Preston Nichols and Al Bielek) made disturbing revelations in an 9 hour interview. Information has also been compiled in the books of Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. Researchers who worked on the Montauk Project built a device by which they were transporting various people through time, guiding them in there, for them to describe what they were seeing. The device was built on the basis of information from extraterrestrial sources.

Alfred Bielek was born on August 4, 1916 as Edward A. Cameron II, son of Alexander Duncan Cameron, Sr.

Al Bielek: “I joined the project in 1953, as Al Bielek. I did what the book “The Montauk Project” pointed out, the computer interface between the psychic chair used to steer the time tunnels in the final phase of the operations. The computer interface used on the chair that was controlling the energy vortex in the final phase of the operations.

Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron also became involved. The project generated the time tunnels. People were able to travel in time and space and so they did. But they also had other projects going on at Montauk, many of which are still unknown to us.

The technology used in the construction of time tunnels was offered to us by cooperative effort of several alien groups, primarily the Orion group, which involved reptilians, a sub group called the Leverons. Most of the assistance was provided by a technical group from Sirius A, a materialistic and scientific people.

Maybe they weren’t malicious and bad heart, but they were misdirected because they had very long-term contracts with the Orions, to give them all the technical details and assistance they needed, when needed. They were secretly working the US government in order to obtain mind-control techniques and technologies that would transform the world into a perfect and easily controllable machine much more convenient than the current world.

Also there were a lot of gray aliens. There was a group, the group from Antares, who took no part in the project, but were there as observers. Very human, very happy, jovial people. They were very similar to our race, both in soul and physically. They didn’t do anything. They didn’t participate in the project at all, they were observers.

But the aliens provided the technology, the equipment, and the hardware and they made it work on our computer. I became heavily involved in making the time tunnel system work.  It was alien technology, we did not know how it works but they have guided us and we built it.

The ITT company had a contract to supply equipment for these experiments. There were BLACK level input cards, which is the most secret level. Nobody has access to black level warehouses or laboratories without having a card access for this level. It is like a “black hole”. There are many such projects, this is only one of them.

The tunnels became fully operational about 1977, after many changes. They got all the results they wanted. And in 1983, on August 12, the project was completely destroyed, sabotaged from inside. All this is described in the book. But prior to that end, what has been achieved there is almost unbelievable.

One of the uses of the Phoenix Project was to provide a backup, a transmission line to the Martian Colonies. These colonies have been there since the early 1970s. The audience knows that man reached the moon in 1969. Actually the Germans were there first, in 1947. And we, the Americans, were there in 1962, with a joint U.S.-Russian expedition.

They went to Mars, May 22, 1962. “Alternative 3”, a documentary film done by Anglia Television, aired in April 1977 and available in the underground, outlines it completely. It even shows the actual transmission! The images were transmitted by the TV camera onboard the Explorer, while it was landing on Mars.

They found many artifacts there. There are many wrecked cities, remnants of the previous civilization and, of course, the famous face on Mars, the Pyramids and that whole complex that Dr. Richard Hoagland has talked about and gone public on.  There are two videos on this plus his book.

What they found on the surface indicated there was much more there that they could not find that was buried. And they had not brought with them, as they lacked proper equipment. They were too heavy to bring up.

So they sent a request by radio to Earth: “We believe there are underground installations here. We’ve seen sealed openings. Can you tell us what to do?”. Well, the information went to Montauk, who sent back information: “Well, give us some coordinates on the surface of Mars where you think these locations are”. So they did. And then, Montauk said: “Well, investigate it”. And so they did. Because they could go any place with the tunnel, and used it to reach Mars, to the coordinates.

And first, they didn’t send anybody. They made a tunnel into these coordinates, into what they thought might be an underground area and rather than risk killing anybody by burying them in solid rock, they just sent a camera, a remote-view camera, controlled from Montauk. They found a cavern and then Montauk sent some people.

Duncan and I were in that crew. The first crew that went was directed by Montauk to explore the underground of Mars. And there were probably other people sent. We went there several times. We found a lot of artifacts, a lot of remnants. We found a still functional underground lighting system, an electric power system. We found it and turned it on and it still worked. No evidence of life.  A lot of remnants, artifacts, files, records, religious artifacts, statuary, all stored like it was a huge storeroom.

Montauk Project

Reporter: Was the written material in English?

Al Bielek: No, it was in another language. It was not English. Duncan was able to translate some of it. I saw it too, but I wasn’t able to understand and translate anything. And a lot of the records and equipment were brought back to Montauk. And eventually Duncan and I decided to take some clandestine trips and do some research on our own.

After one trip through the tunnel is made, it’s all recorded: coordinates, information which are being required to operate the system, everything. All this information can be later find on the computer and can be used as a kind of catalyst for a new journey, without being required that mental training and seat projection; everything can be done from the computer and you can open the tunnel to the same location because the computer already contains all the celestial data. So we went twice on our own for our own little explorations, to see in detail what was there.

Reporter: And no one was manning the machine at Montauk for you back home?

Al Bielek: We turned the equipment on, because we knew how to do it. And nobody was there to see us. On the second trip, we were discovered because there are automatic recorders that tell how many times this equipment is used, what was the destination and so forth. So we were caught when we came back and we were pulled off the project. We have not participated in explorations anymore, but others made further explorations.

What they found, we don’t know. Certain people had been chosen in advance to be part of this program, such as myself, Duncan and Preston. And the level of brainwashing varied, was different for each person. Duncan was heavily programmed, brainwashed to do what he did there because he was not being used for his technical expertise. I was brainwashed to some extent, and Preston, very heavily.

But we were all given a “debriefing” after this whole project was stopped. That means our mind was erased of everything we ever did on the project. And they hoped this debriefing would be permanent.

But it didn’t. The reason they failed with this measure, the reason it did not hold indefinitely was because the camp at Camp Hero was not totally destroyed. The remains are still there; the camp was turned over to New York State Parks Commission. The State has never torn anything up.  They’ve never torn a building down.  They’ve never opened up the area as a leisure park.

They knocked the fences down so people can go through there and make short trips during the day. But people are not allowed to stay overnight without a special permit from Montauk Township. The park rangers are patrolling regularly and are allowed to shuttle out those who don’t follow the rules.

But the property, the camp, remains unconverted. When I was there for the first time, in August 1985, by the invite of Preston (I took Duncan with me), none of us knew, at that time, that we had been part of the Montauk Project. That we have been used in the Montauk Project. Preston, as a surplus electronics dealer, had been out there salvaging equipment previous to this trip in August.

Reporter: That’s exactly where the book “The Montauk Project” starts.

Al Bielek: Right. But he didn’t know he had been involved in the project. He had no recollection. Then, in August, Preston took us out and said: “You are both sensitive. Let’s see what you feel, what you pick up when we get there. I know you’ve never been there before”. He didn’t know, honestly, at that point.

When we reached the area, we sensed these terrible vibes surrounding the places, and that something awful had been going on there. We sensed this monster, described at the end of the book, which helped in the process of the destruction of this station. Preston and Duncan became aware of their involvement in the project much earlier than I did.

I went back to Montauk in May 1986 and I visited the area along with a group from Phoenix sponsored by Senator Barry Goldwater. This group came out to make an investigation of possible diversion of federal funds from a regular federal project to an illegal project. They were looking for proof. And that was their modus operandi for getting passes from the State of New York, from the Parks Commission, to go on the base, into locked buildings. Some of the buildings were still locked.

We now know that no federal funds were used in this project. But during our research we took a lot of pictures, and in that same visit that time of May 1986, my memory of Montauk started to come back because I was visiting the site, the “scene of the crime”, if you will.

Reporter: and it was like a trigger.

Al Bielek: Yes, it was the catalyst. Same for Duncan and Preston. So my memories came back. I knew then I was part of the project. The memories have been coming back ever since, because it doesn’t all come back at once in a rush. It comes back in chunks and pieces, depending upon what are the triggers that bring it back.

But once started this process of remembrance, the memories are slowly returning, up to the last. So I remembered, finally, I was heavily involved in many projects, at an administrative and engineering level. And Duncan was involved in more than one project.

Preston was the technical stationmaster, after Matthew Zaret. Professor Zaret was removed in 1980, at my suggestion, but they didn’t let him free, they wouldn’t let him loose, so they sent him to the parallel project at Brentwood, Long Island, where he died. Preston took over as the technical director, doing all of the management.

He designed and built all of the radiofrequency transmitters, pulse modulator systems-anything dealing with radio-frequency and transmitters, as he is an expert at. And that was his expertise until he was fired, two years ago. But he had recovered too many of his memories and started to talk freely about the project at the USPA (United States Psychotronic Association) conferences, which the government didn’t want made public.  So they applied him a “debriefing” and then they canned him. He was told, “You’re finished, pick your stuff and get lost”. And his boss didn’t even know why, because he didn’t fire him.  It was government manipulation.

Preston was an expert in high-power transmitters, for radar. In this case, the Montauk Project, for the final stages of a special Amplitron, which is shown in the book; there is also a photo of it (more than four thousand amplitrons were produced). It was designed and built by Raytheon Electric in Goleta, California. I remember going out there to approve the first shipment of tubes. They were very, very expensive and were built specially for Montauk.

They cost several million dollars apiece. Thousands of tubes were ordered. So you can realize the total project costs. Capacitors for the pulse-forming networks and the modulator were also specially designed to very rigid specifications. They finally found a company to build them according to the specifications and the government bought them in matched sets of fifty at the very small sum of twenty-five thousand dollars for each and every capacitor.

There were a hundred capacitors on each station. A full set of fifty for two transmitters, operational, and a full set of spares. So that was two and a half million dollars for each of the twenty-five stations! So they ran out of money.

Reporter: And all this technology was from the alien groups?

Al Bielek: They had cooperation from the aliens. They had a crashed UFO, which was deliberately crashed, by agreement with Hitler, by a certain group of Pleiadians. The UFO was filled, loaded with technology. And the reason for crashing it was that the German High Command, if they were pushed, could say: “Yes, we found a crashed saucer in the Bavarian Alps, and we recovered it, took it apart and analyzed the technology used.”

The event wasn’t made public. But the remains of that UFO were found near Peenemunde after the war was over. This was the rocket testing base for the Germans and where Wernher Von Braun worked along with his team.

When the war was over, he moved his group to the west, to the Americans. And another group was captured by the Russians, including his professor, Herman Oberth. That’s why the Russians got a head start on rocketry over the U.S. They had the professor who taught Wernher Von Braun!

So the war has received new technological forces from the Pleiadians. But in 1934, Roosevelt made the first deal with the K Group or the Kondroshkin, a group of gray-blue aliens, other than the little grays.

The deal was to supply the United States with a new technology for atomic research; that was in 1938. But Roosevelt changed his mind because the military told him they cannot control the whole business from beginning to end and they don’t know what they are going to do with it and maybe they will manipulate the US government. So the group K disappeared.

In 1943 came the Philadelphia Experiment, and then the Phoenix Project, ripping a huge hole in space-time. That was hatched, planned in late 1983 by the aliens, to break the space-time structure, thus enabling a large number of aliens coming together with their ships. All ships had time travel capabilities, which means they all could travel in time, but the hole was needed in order to start this real invasion of US and later Europe. When they landed at Edwards Air Force Base, the government already knew all about the aliens being on this planet.

This time, they came en masse. We were confronted by a far superior technology we couldn’t counter, we couldn’t handle it, we didn’t know what to do about it. So the agreement with Eisenhower and his advisors was to sign a noninterference treaty in the affairs of the planet in exchange for technology. We’d buy time and see what we could do about it later.

That was the basis of the agreement. Because of that, very large numbers of aliens came in and eventually became part of the Phoenix Project. But they were planning everything in advance. We didn’t know what they were up to. They maneuvered and manipulated the Phoenix Project and did not expect a failure. They probably anticipate it’s continuing for another decade, at least into the 1990s.

However, because some of us have “read between the lines”, saw the potential dangers, Duncan and several others conspired to destroy the project. That’s because they realized all the evils perpetrated there. I knew about it, and I did not want to sabotage the works. I said: “Yes, many things are wrong here, but we’ve already straightened a lot of the mess out and in fact is just a research and we need it”, as John Von Neumann (who is still alive today by the way) wanted. Because of the time travel (remote viewing) capabilities, he saw things coming in the future which could cause very serious threats to the United States and the World. He saw many things and decided that it must act.

So after Duncan and I returned from Eldridge, where we had been to close the time loop, Duncan, using the power transmitter, Duncan released this thing from his subconscious into the machine. The transmitter (which already by that time had its own personality) created this big monster, solidly in 3D, twelve to fifteen feet high and literally came out of the subconscious. It went around smashing buildings and people and it was trying to break into the radar tower. To destroy the monster, they had to destroy the transmitter and the monster disappeared into another reality. It was photographed in May 1986.

But the final chapter on Montauk was not written. We discovered in August 1992 that Montauk was reactivated. And that’s what I wanted to get in here. We do not know who is leading it. But we have seen compelling evidence. There are new cables, new power transformers, that are labeled non PCB, because now the law is that PCB can no longer be used as a cooling agent. I have some photos from my recent trip to the area.

The radar tower now has a new steel door where it used to be wide open and you could walk in. the metallic door has two locks. The back garage entrance door, which was used for trucks and delivering heavy stuff, is now sealed from the inside. And there is other evidence that clearly shows that Montauk is reactivated.

The government approached Preston to become the new director of the New Montauk project, and they told him Duncan is also welcome in the project. There are new workers there, new entrances to the underground. One person we know has been through the outer door and says there is an inner locked door with a red light on it. To go in, you need special access badges, otherwise you’ll be stopped.

We didn’t attempt to go in because we didn’t feel we wanted to risk it. And we do not know where the project may go, but we suspect that one of the goals is to extend the time rift (1943 to 1983) onward to 1993 because 1993 is a sub-node point in the 20-year cycle, and August, 1993 will be a very critical area again and they probably want the station activated before August of 1993. But what the end purpose is for we are not sure. It may be to extend the time tunnel, that is, the time rift, for purposes we don’t know.

They could not involve nor me nor Duncan in the new project, as both of us were helping (by our presence) maintain the stability of this space-time. It will stabilize itself by the year 2003 unless they reopen it.

They do not realize the risks of starting the project again. In 1963 there was a top secret project that was meant to counteract the destructive effects of opening the time hole of the Philadelphia Experiment. Thus, the reverse time wave has been destroyed, a wave which risks sinking the entire American continent.

As the time hole (The Philadelphia Experiment) was not opened properly and harmoniously, a reverse time wave was formed, return just like a boomerang and destroy the entire continent in a catastrophe that would have had planetary consequences by moving North American tectonic plates.

The 1963 project, “Atlanticus Not Revisited”, was successful in damping that reverse time wave.  This is an area of science and technology and physics, which most people know nothing about.

All we can do is hope that the mistakes of the past will be understood and the future will be better, despite the current problems.

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