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How does WordPress hosting work

How WordPress hosting works?
When you decide to build a website and you choose wordpress as a platform, you should consider lots of things. One of this things is hosting.

Your webiste should be hosted somewere and even there are many hosting companies, not allways the offers fits your needs. We know you need a cheap wordpress hosting and many great features, but to get them, you should understand how wordpress hosting works.

How many tipes of hosting can you choose from?

Every hosting company have the same, or allmost the same offer. For the beginners there are shared hosting solutions. This is by far, the most popular type of hosting, fit for all the people who try to build a new website. The succes comes from the price and the features.

It is an affordable start, that gives you the freedom to see if your idea works or not. Usualy, a shared wordpress hosting starts from 1 dollar and gets to 10-15 dollars a month.

By shared hosting we understand a server that you will share with lots of other sites. The price comes with some risks:
• viruses;
• Overload the server;\

A good upgrate from a shared hosting is VPS hosting. VPS stands from Virtual Private Server and refers to a virtual Machine. Practicly, you will share a server with other sites, but you will have your own resurces.

A physical server is diveded into multiple servers, so you can get all the control over your hosting solution. A VPS needs some skills to use, so, if you don’t have a technical knowladge and you want a VPS, you should find a managed VPS.

Dedicated Server hosting is, by far, the best solution if you have a big webiste. Dedicated server is a phisical server just for your website or for your websites. You will have full control over the server, but you will also need some knowledge. A dedicated server is not a solution if your websit is at the beginning, because can be very expensive.

So, you should choose wisely and find the best solution for your website and your business.

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