May 14

6 Types of Women to Fall for – Discover What makes them so Alluring

6 Types of Women to Fall for - Discover What makes them so Alluring
Every relationship  that comes to an end makes you wonder about the things men want from women. Every beginning, instead of clarifying, your dilemmas only fuel them up.

What do men look for? What kind of women do they prefer? On what criteria are their choices based? Find out who are the representatives of the fair sex that men love and  want them in their lives:

1. The woman who has her own hobbies

Men do not like to know that someone relies on them in every sense. Therefore, they prefer women who go out with their own group of friends, have hobbies and activities they practice regardless of their presence or absence and that, in general, do not expect someone to pop up in their life in order  to enjoy it.

2.  The Woman who waits to be sought

This is a controversial topic, but most men believe that a woman should be able to wait and not always take the first step in the relationship. Leave the invitations to flow and do not fret to call him out every time. Men prefer to conquer, not to be conquered. Let him feel that he has the control and leeave a place for him to initiate things.

3. Women who know how to dress sexy without looking cheap

Men like feminine and delicate chicks who know how to show a shoulder or knee without exposing the entire print of the underwear. Sexy clothes are not those that reveal everything, but those covering in such a way, as to stimulate the imagination of men and lead them to wonder what lies underneath.

4. Women who are not rushing into having sex

A confident and self assured woman will never rush to get into a man’s bed, because she knows that this is not the aspect on which the evolution of their relationship depends. And men like these confident women who do not give up their principles to play the game of seduction.

5. Women who show interest in the small things

Men do not believe in eccentric and opulent words and  actions. All the small things are those that cause them to gain confidence in a woman’s feelings and intentions. Your partner will appreciate it more the mornings when you surprise him with a simple coffee than a surprise party organised to celebrate his birthday, so try to discover his little joys in life and offer them up, but not too often, in order not to turn into routines and lose their main quality: the element of surprise.

6. Women that help and support them in any situation

Every man wants a woman beside him to arrange his tie and advise him in choosing the perfect outfit for every event. Help  him with a piece of advice and encouragement when you feel he needs it the most,he will definitely appreciate this.

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