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Is a flexo printers list an expenditure or an investment?

Is a flexo printers list an expenditure or an investment?From well-established companies databases to a range of specialised producs such as a flexo printing list, printing-companies.org offers a unique package of solutions for anybody in the printing business. But why a flexo printing list and for what purpose should we invest in it?

This question is very common among people interested in databases and lists of companies. And they, as well as you are probably wondering whether to invest in this list. Instead of subjective arguments, they should be asked  one question, how many customers would  they get out of the active companies listed, in order to cover an investment of let’s say a few hundred euros?

The list of flexo printers, (which you can find here: http://printing-companies.org/flexo-printers-list/) is a professional tool that helps in increasing the number of contacts with companies. This list contains all kind of companies, their details and tools that allow targeting, sorting and using them in statistics and direct marketing campaigns.

Flexographic printing is continuously expanding. Since the late 1800s, great progress has been made regarding quality of flexographic printing presses, plates and inks.

Based on innovations, such as the sleeve and adapter technology, print quality was significantly improved as well as set-up time, manpower and costs, all being reduced. Progress includes also the area of photopolymer printing plates and both advancements to the plate material and plate processing methods.

Boosting print performance and packaging quality further, flexographic inks expanded from solvent-based chemistry to an additional range of water-based and UV-curable inks.

Being , today the fastest-growing printing process, flexography offers the advantages of printing on a variety of materials like film, foil, plastic, paper and board, using a wide range of inks, and printing with high speeds, at high quality as a result.

Printers and print buyers experience a substantial growth and technological advancement in various applications of flexographic printing (flexible packaging, corrugated, labels, sacks, bags and folding cartons). So investing in anything related to this field in order to be ahead of competition is the best decision yet.

But for who is a flexo printers list so appealing? For persons involved professional marketing, specialists in sales (you can quickly get new contacts with companies that fit into your customer profile) or top managers (you can check any company before signing an important contract to find out if it has legal issues, debts, or other new established companies.

Better yet, you are informed (having the possibility to monitor competitor activity and their new projects); you get rid of the stress of identifying new customers (it will be very easy to identify the profile of your prospective clients); you save time and money by default (you have all relevant information structured in one source). Last, but not least   sales will increase (quickly identifying and contacting potential customers).

What you lose if you do not use it? Well, there are a few aspects worth to mention: there is a risk for competition to use this data source, and thus to create a competitive advantage.

You will lose the opportunity to quickly and easily identify new customers, and the time saved, which then you may use more efficiently in other aspects related to your business.

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