Jul 15

Spend your summer in London

Spend your summer in LondonAre you looking for the idyllic location to spend your summer break? Look no further, because the place you need to visit is London.

If you have already been there, you know that it was worth your while, and if you haven’t, then you know that it’s a must, no questions asked. If you go on view site uklat.co.uk, you will be assured that this is a trip you must make.

During every season it is a spectacular city, as every time of the year has its charm. Summertime is a very special time, perfect for anyone looking to spend their time off in a relaxing and interesting place.

This season is the time of concerts and festivals, as well as for the great tennis tournament at Wimbledon. There are so many things going on during this time that it’s almost impossible to do everything you would like to.

The City of London Festival, which is held every year, contains a wide variety of events that delight all the participants. Included are orchestral concerts in St. Paul’s Cathedral, chamber recitals in the Livery Halls, which is very seldom open to the public, and jazz gigs in skyscrapers.

This year, the performances consist of Haydn’s The Creation by the London Symphony Orchestra and Monteverdi’s Vespers by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Rarely will you have the chance to get a taste of such culture.

Furthermore, this festival will also host stand-up comedy shows, cabaret and fringe theatre at Club TEN at The Grange Hotel. Interestingly, this year happens to be the celebration of Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence, which calls for a few special music performances and movie events specially arranged.

Probably the most notable event taking place in England during the summer is the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship. One of the four Grand Slams, this tournament is huge in the world of professional tennis.

It lasts two weeks and it’s worth going because you get to watch history unfold, literally. The level at which these athletes perform is absolutely remarkable and breathtaking. It is no wonder that one match can last five hours and people will not get off their seats until the end.

Another great thing about this tournament is that it is one of the few sports that offer everyone a close-up view of the tennis players. At the beginning of it, the first few days, there are the qualifications during which the entrance is free and you get the chance to see these players perform, while the ones seated very high are training right under your eyes. It’s truly an amazing experience.

The things taking place in London in the summer are worth the trip and offer a sweet vacation and a great time. The only requirement is that you plan ahead because many people every year look forward to visiting and attending these events. So go book your tickets now to assure your summer enjoyment and leisure in London.

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