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What types of cufflinks are used?

What types of cufflinks are used?
There are several types of cufflinks that you can use in the wardrobe. They can be classified according to model, color and material.

Cufflinks can be made of different materials, and sometimes they can be combined. The classic cufflink model requires metal, but depending on the occasion of your event, there are alternatives.

1.    Cufflinks made of textile. Cufflinks made of textile are more affordable than metal ones. They are made of textile materials such as silk and often have different colors (although there are also unicolour patterns). They are ideal for more relaxed social situations, because they highlight your attention to details. They can be easily worn at work every day and match casual clothes.

2.    Cufflinks made of metal and textile. They incorporate both the metal and textile parts and create an effect that denotes class and elegance. Informal character means that they are produced especially for casual wear, they are the type of cufflinks that go with a sweater or cardigan.

For a significant chromatic impact, the fabric of button cufflinks must be assembled with a pocket handkerchief and tie. The metal color matches that of the tie need.

Cufflinks can also be classified after the closing mechanism. Some of them are made in one piece and are more comfortable and others have a more complicated mechanism for increased safety.

3.    Fixed ball type cufflinks. This type of cufflinks is plain, without a key, easy to put on the shirt but not as sure (it can fall easily). Although they are made of metal, rarely they have precious materials because of the risk of losing them. Wear on the French cuff provides some lightness because it strangles the fabric. For this reason, it is advisable to wear them in a suit.

4.    Chain cufflinks. Cufflinks are made of metal and sometimes decorated with precious stones. Their price varies depending on the materials used in their construction (steel, silver or gold). They are identical on both sides and ensure impeccable symmetry of the sleeve. They are easy to put, elegant, practice, and you can match the color of the suit you decide to wear.

5.    Fixed, stylish type bottles cufflinks. They are small and light in weight and generally made of metallic material. Due to their fixed attachment to the sleeve and the fact that they do not have a keyhole mechanism, they are the surest cufflinks. Although more difficult to attach, they fit very well on the cuff and there is no risk of losing them.

6.    Classic cufflinks with closing. The most common type of cufflinks is attached to the cuff with a collapsible wrench. Discrete and average weight can have countless shapes, although the most popular ones are rectangular, square or round. The outside is often decorated with precious stones and patterns. Alternatively, you can opt for those who have new forms. The back key may be in the bullet style or flat style. Both styles assure you will not lose them.

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